This documentation is for the v1 (stable) version of the API.
Invocation URL: /v1/psc


Action Name Description Invocation URL
Franchises by Postcode Perform a query that returns the Pickup RF for a particular postcode. /v1/psc/pickuprf
List Delivery Suburbs Produces a list of delivery suburbs based on the specified Pickup RF and optional search terms. /v1/psc/listdeliverysuburbs
List Regional Franchises List all the Regional Franchises for the specified country. /v1/psc/listrfs
PSC Lookup Perform a PSC lookup.
Note: All prices include GST unless otherwise stated.
Prices are for prepaid purchases only, for one-off cash sales please contact your local Regional Franchise.
Render HTML Template Renders a HTML template based on the PSC information. /v1/psc/render

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