This is the latest version of the API! It is subject to change and may contain bugs! Use only for testing new features or at your own risk.
Invocation URL: /latest/psc/priceservicecalulatordata


Produces a list of all trans shipment data used in label determination.


countryCode - The delivery RF code. See List Regional Franchises


A data structure like so:

    'result': [
        CountryCode: 1,
        PickFranchise: 'ADL',
        BatchID: 1437,
        Town: 'AARONS PASS',
        Postcode: '2850',
        State: 'NSW',
        DeliveryFranchise: 'ALB',
        DeliveryTimeframe: '5 to 7',
        OnforwardingRate: 14,
        ServiceA: 'N',
        ServiceALabel: '',
        ServiceAPrice: '',
        ServiceB: 'Y',
        ServiceBLabel: 'WHITE',
        ServiceBPrice: '$29.85 To $36.50',
        ServiceC: 'N',
        ServiceCLabel: '',
        ServiceCPrice: '',
        ServiceD: 'N',
        ServiceDLabel: '',
        ServiceDPrice: '',
        ServiceE: 'N',
        ServiceELabel: '',
        ServiceEPrice: '',
        ServiceF: null,
        ServiceFLabel: null,
        ServiceFPrice: null,
        ServiceG: null,
        ServiceGLabel: null,
        ServiceGPrice: null,
        ServiceH: null,
        ServiceHLabel: null,
        ServiceHPrice: null,
        ServiceI: null,
        ServiceILabel: null,
        ServiceIPrice: null,
        ServiceJ: null,
        ServiceJLabel: null,
        ServiceJPrice: null,
        ServiceK: null,
        ServiceKLabel: null,
        ServiceKPrice: null,
        ServiceL: null,
        ServiceLLabel: null,
        ServiceLPrice: null,
        ServiceM: null,
        ServiceMLabel: null,
        ServiceMPrice: null,
        ServiceN: null,
        ServiceNLabel: null,
        ServiceNPrice: null,
        ServiceO: null,
        ServiceOLabel: null,
        ServiceOPrice: null,
        ServiceP: null,
        ServicePLabel: null,
        ServicePPrice: null,
        ServiceQ: null,
        ServiceQLabel: null,
        ServiceQPrice: null,
        DeliveryDays: null,
        DeedSuburb: null,
        CFRun: null,
        BoundarySuburb: null,
        BoundaryOverlap: null,
        NotPartOfLocalMatrix: null,
        TssID: 1,
        SaturdayDelivery: false,
        TSSRecordType: 'S'


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